Current Issue

Congratulations to the following staff writers whose comments will be published in Volume 27 Issue 1 of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal:

Bakken Crude and the Ford Pinto of Railcars: The Growing Need For Adequate Regulation of the Transportation of Crude Oil By Rail – Evan Busteed

Caution: Hazards Ahead! How EPA’s Refusal to Classify Coal Ash as Hazardous Waste Fuels Environmental and Public Health Concerns – Brittany Daniels

Don’t Eat the Brown Snow! Utilizing Wastewater for Artificial Snow: A Slippery Slope between Protecting Skiers and Encouraging Water Reuse – Katie Duquette

Hostility Toward the Clean Power Plan: Examining Why the Power Plant Rule Faces Early Litigation and Why it Raises Key Legal Questions – Meredith Lussier

Congress, Give Renewable Energy a Fair Fight: Congress’ Passage of the Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act Would Give Renewable Energy the Financial Footing Needed To Independently Succeed – David Magagna