Volume XXIX, Issue 2

Congratulations to the following staff writers who have been selected for publication in the Villanova Environmental Law Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2:

Trust the Process? The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Broad Interpretation of the Environmental Rights Amendment Sent Shockwaves through the Commonwealth in Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation v. Commonwealth – Rebecca Cabrera

Friends of Lackawanna v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection and Keystone Sanitary Landfill, Inc.: Friends Keep Standing for a Clearer Lackawanna – Zoey Lee

Mining for Answers: The Supreme Court of California Addresses the State’s Ability to Exercise its Police Powers on Federal Land in People v. Rinehart – Rohan Mohanty

Alaska Oil & Gas Association v. Pritzker: ESA Listing Upheld After Foreseeing a Warm Future for Bearded Seals – Shawna Riley

Why? Because, Science: How the Ninth Circuit’s Standard of Review in Helping Hand Tools v. EPA Keeps Exemptions for Biomass-Burning on Track – Joshua Schmid

No Harm, No Foul: How the Ninth Circuit’s Decision in Ground Zero Center for Non-Violent Action v. United States Department of the Navy Essentially Weakens the EIS as an Enforcement Mechanism of NEPA – Kathryn Siegeltuch


Volume XXIX, Issue 1

Congratulations to the following staff writers whose articles will be published in Volume 29 Issue 1 of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal:

There’s Something in the Water: How Apathetic State Officials Let the People of Flint, Michigan Down – Kyle Conway

Rising to the Surface: The EPA’s Addition of Subsurface Intrusion as a Component of the Superfund Hazard Ranking System – Kristen Harvilla

Fifteen Minutes of Shame: Social Media and 21st Century Environmental Activism – Chase Karpus

What’s All the Buzz About? Analyzing the Decision to List the Rusty Patched Bumblebee on the Endangered Species List – Christopher Lambe

Move Over Diamonds – Plastics Are Forever: How the Rise of Pollution in Water Can be Regulated – Stephanie Wood

Volume XXVIII, Issue 2

Congratulations to the following staff writers whose articles will be published in Volume 28 Issue 2 of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal:

Order Restored? Even Federal Agencies “Accountable” for NEPA, ESA Violations But Project to Proceed: Examining Pub. Emples. for Envtl. Responsibility V. Hopper – Nicole Haiem

Delta Construction Company, Incorporated v. Environmental Protection Agency: Putting the Brakes on Challenges to Unfair Agency Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Economy in Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles – Sabrina Peterman

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Inc. v. United States Army Corps of Engineers: Fine Tuning the Scope of the Corps’ Jurisdiction – Mitchell Ream

Hazardous Substance Emitters in Pakootas v. Teck Cominco Metals, Ltd. are on Cloud 9: 9th Circuit Determines That Airborne Emissions Are Not Within the Purview of CERCLA Liability – Holly Sofield

Zone Defense: How Zoning Laws Won in Tri-County Landfill, Inc. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Christyan Telech

United States v. Citgo Petroleum Corporation: The Fifth Circuit “Takes” Oil Refinery Off the Hook for Unintentional Migratory Bird Deaths – Cody Wilcoxson

Volume XXVIII Issue 1

Congratulations to the following staff writers whose articles will be published in Volume 28 Issue 1 of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal:

Cecil the Lion: The Everlasting Impact on the Conservation and Protection of the King of the Jungle – Madison Clemens

“Just What the Doctor Ordered”: Regulating Pharmaceutical Contamination of Our Nation’s Water Supply – Phillip Harrinarine

The Lungs of Our Land: Deforestation and Climate Change’s Destructive Circular Relationship – Meghan Micciolo

Criminal Prosecution for Environmental Lawbreakers: Is it Really Working? – Christina Russo

What Does “Green” Really Mean”: How Increased Transparency and Standardization Can Grow the Green Bond Market – Kevin Talbot

Volume XXVII Issue 2

Congratulations to the following staff writers whose casenotes will be published in Volume 27 Issue 2 of the Villanova Environmental Law Journal:

Shhh: Eighth Circuit Puts Conservationists Intervenor to Bed in Quiet Title Action in North Dakota Ex Rel. Stenehjem v. United States – Matthew Arnold

There’s Something in the Water: The EHB Oversteps its Mandate and Disregards Contract Law in Robinson Coal v. Department of Environmental Protection Ryan Duffy

Michigan v. E.P.A.: Money Matters When Deciding Whether to Regulate Power Plants – Ruby Khallouf

Sorry, Access Denied: Department of Environmental Protection v. Delaware Riverkeeper Network and the Relationship between the Public’s Right to Know and an Agency’s Right to Conceal  – Aya Samra

‘Cracks’ in the Court’s Analysis? Court Strikes Balancing Act Between Citizens’ Constitutional Rights and Government’s Exploitation of Natural Resources in Pennsylvania Envtl. Def. Fund. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  – Gabriella Soreth

Oneok, Inc. v. Learjet, Inc.: The Supreme Court Narrows the Preemptive Scope of the Natural Gas Act and Extracts a Win for State Courts – Alexander Torres